Longshot TV Hunting

Myrtle Beach is not only a vacation destination to millions but is also the basecamp for the Longshot TV Hunting series. The team came to together with not only a passion for the outdoors but a passion to capture their whitetail hunting experiences along the way. The Longshot TV Crew will keep you on the edge of your seat with adventure and excitement as each chapter unfolds. These guys may live at the beach and spend half their time on the water but also love the adventure of chasing whitetail deer.

Myrtle Beach Hunting Series

The Longshot TV crew invites you into an ultimate hunting experience!


Daily @ 11:30AM & 8PM

Sportsman Channel

Tuesday's @ 10:30 am EST
Friday's @ 3:00 pm EST
Saturday's @ 11:00 am EST
Sunday's @ 5:30 am EST

The CW Myrtle Beach

Sunday @ 8:30AM